Membrane hits $150M in booked lending

July 31, 2023
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Membrane Team

Over $150M in lending volume was booked on the Membrane platform as of the end of Q2, with strong growth projected for Q3.

Membrane’s lending component on its digital asset operating system provides a full-service loan management facility, with live and historic lending P&L and risk metrics, along with full loan margin servicing and alerts.

“We are beginning to see growth coming back into the lending market,” said Membrane CEO Carson Cook, “and the loan management facility we’ve built allows for greatly improved risk management. We’ve always believed there would be a keen interest in this product, particularly after last year’s market turmoil, but the response from major lending institutions since its launch in March has been very encouraging.”

“It’s been a very strong quarter for us, not only because of the lending volume but also the awarding of a patent for our cross-chain settlement engine. Based on current discussions, we anticipate onboarding several new institutions in Q3, and we’re confident of continued strong volumes on the platform this year.”

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