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Our Story

"Like many technologies, Membrane was born out of frustration with the status quo." - Carson Cook, CEO Membrane Labs

Infographic showing Carson Cook, Hibbard Road Parters logo and Membrane logo

Membrane’s CEO and Co-Founder, Carson Cook, left McKinsey in 2018 to start Fractal, a crypto-focused market maker. Informed by years of experience working with banks, funds, and HFT operations, he knew the blueprint. Yet he quickly discovered that to comply with his LP agreements, trading would be impossible without being able to access traditional financial infrastructure.

So he approached venture studio Hibbard Road Partners (HRP) with his dilemma. Months of research later, HRP and Cook came together to establish Membrane, formerly known as Lattice, with a mission to build core netting and settlement infrastructure for institutional digital asset trading.

Since its inception in 2019, Membrane’s team and product have grown rapidly. From an initial focus on core spot and settlement features, Membrane has established new verticals, including a full loan management suite, derivatives management, and single payment functions for crypto.

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As Membrane continues to grow, it does so with an ethos of efficiency. Orchestrating transactions across counterparties, teams, and investment vehicles can make moving cryptocurrencies harder than it needs to be. Our suite acts as the, well, membrane - carefully managing the inflow and outflow of crypto transactions between you and your counterparties.

Membrane transforms the digital asset ecosystem by providing a secure, reliable and innovative suite of products that facilitate seamless transactions for financial institutions.

The Membrane culture is customer-centric, guided by its founders’ vision to be agile and agnostic both to custodian and blockchain. Our success is tied to that of our clients, the financial institutions that rely on us for their digital asset management needs. Born out of frustration with the status quo, Membrane continues to identify and tackle problems fueled by passion, persistence and ingenuity.