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Loan Management

Comprehensive loan lifecycle management

Connect with your counterparties and manage loan terms. View aggregate risk metrics, track interest payments, process margin calls, and transfer collateral effortlessly.

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OTC Trading

Cross chain and cross custodian - reduce your risk and increase your efficiency

Membrane allows you to operate smoothly with counterparties. View or download all activity, execute off-chain and net settle with counterparties within agreed timeframes.

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Generate your settlements with counterparties

Consolidate and coordinate all necessary trade-related asset movements. Review and settle daily collateral movements and interest payments through existing settlement networks. Queue your settlements with counterparties and net transactions by 99%+ via our subatomic netting process. Private keys stay in your possession.

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Portfolio Management System

Everything you need,
all in one place

See a unified view of your assets and liabilities across crypto’s disparate landscape of custodians, wallets, exchanges, on-chain addresses and OTC providers.

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  • OTC Trading and Lending Flexibility
  • Cross-Custodial Clearing
  • Efficient Netting
  • Settlement Security

OTC Trading and Lending Flexibility

Trade and lend cross-chain via Membrane UI or use external execution venues via the Membrane platform with API connection to your external custody solutions.

Cross-Custodial Clearing

A cross-custodian clearing network is required for the maturation of the digital asset market. Membrane efficiently links buyers with sellers, and lenders with borrowers across a variety of custody solutions.

Efficient Netting

Net your cleared transactions through our patent-pending subatomic engine, reducing your gas fees and on-chain movements by 99% + compared to traditional OTC.

Settlement Security

Membrane solves Herstatt risk by allowing counterparties to settle synchronously. Membrane will queue up transactions, and hold from being broadcast to chain until both parties have signed.

Custom Settlement Networks

Membrane’s netting engine has the ability to facilitate more than just bi-lateral settlements. We have a mission to bring as much efficiency to our clients as possible.

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Robust API Documentation

Incorporate Membrane solutions directly into your tech suite via API. Membrane can adapt to your system, reach out to our engineers for API access or whitelabel solutions.

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Derivatives Lifecycle Management and Participant Network

Connect with trading counterparties, manage ISDA terms and agree to trade details leveraging Membrane’s robust pricing engine and portfolio management system. View aggregate risk metrics, integrate bespoke customer agreements, process daily margin and settle collateral movements effortlessly.

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