Membrane’s Loan Management Platform Sees Strong Growth with $2B in Loans Booked and Four New Clients Onboarded

June 5, 2024
Membrane Team

Membrane’s loan management platform is experiencing strong growth as the lending market continues to recover in 2024.

“In the first five months of 2024, we’ve seen roughly $1.5bn in loans booked in the Membrane platform, about triple what we saw in the second half of 2023 following the lending product’s public launch,” said Membrane’s Head of Product, Craig Birchall. “With over $870mm in active loans currently managed in the platform, along with new clients recently onboarded (inclusive of an industry-leading lender), I think it’s safe to say that Membrane has cemented itself as a dominant force in this category as the lending market is only expected to continue to expand throughout the year.”

The loan management system built by the Membrane team was overhauled in the first quarter of this year to greatly expand the amount of loan structures possible and the ways collateral can be managed. 

“From portfolio margining, to tri-party custody support, to a vastly expanded interest accrual configurations, we continue to ensure that we maintain our place as an industry leader for the institutional crypto lending markets,” said Craig. “This allows our clients to open additional revenue streams with innovative new products while also significantly de-risking the business of lending digital assets with technology previously only seen in traditional financial markets.”

Looking forward, more and more businesses are looking to re-enter the lending market, including many custodians. 

“As competitive pressures continue to compress custody margins, it is a natural next step for custodians to begin to build lending businesses,” said Craig. “We are seeing this trend play out globally with a heavy focus this cycle on risk management and legal/regulatory compliance. For us at Membrane, I think it’s fair to say that our growing reputation in the market, coupled with our advanced loan/risk management capabilities, have positioned us to be a strong contender to be the technology provider of choice for these budding lending operations.”


About Membrane Labs, Inc.

Membrane Labs is a digital asset fintech company offering enterprise-grade lending, spot trading, derivatives, and collateral management software (SaaS). Its cross-blockchain and custodian-agnostic settlement engine is included for efficient and secure digital asset management, giving investors the versatility needed to thrive in today’s evolving world of crypto.

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