Spot Trading

Leverage our full digital asset management suite, including spot trading capabilities.

At a Glance

Consolidate historical spot trades and pending settlements in one comprehensive dashboard.



Ingest trades and specify settlement windows with a high degree of configurability.



Automate alerts and reports for you and your counterparties.



Leverage a full integration with Membrane's patented settlement engine.


Central Dashboard for Historical and Pending Spot Trades

    • Versatile access options: Accessible via GUI, API, or potential OEMS integration.
    • Tailored settlement management: Manage customized counterparty relationships and delayed settlement configurations.
    • Email alert automation: Automate and configure email alerts for trade confirms and settlement notifications.
    • Seamless API integration: Robust public API for reading data and performing actions, supporting seamless integration with current workflows and existing tech applications.

    Ingest Trades and Customize Settlement Windows to Mirror Unique Counterparty Relationships

    • Flexible trade ingestion: Ingest trades via GUI, API, or your preferred OEMS solution.
    • Tailored asset pairing: Customize spot orders for any asset pair inclusive of crypto, fiat, or custom assets.
    • Integrated risk management: Manage delayed settlement exposure/loans via Membrane’s integrated loan module and connect collateral arrangements for integrated risk monitoring.

    Automate Trading, Settlement Alerts, and Reporting

    • Customized email alerts: Send customized email notifications spanning trade confirmations, due settlement alerts, and past-due settlement warnings.
    • Comprehensive reporting solutions: Leverage the Lending and Collateral Arrangements reporting systems for additional reporting to counterparties related to delayed settlement loans/interest obligations.

    Unlock Membrane's Patented Settlement Engine for Streamlined Crypto and Fiat Transfers


      Full Payment Processing

      Straight-through payment processing spanning spot / derivatives / lending transactions.

      Maximum Capital Efficiency

      Associate and net any number of payment obligations to benefit from maximum capital efficiency and minimal blockchain transfers.

      Seamless Transfers

      Integrate your wallet, custodian/MNPC, exchange, and fiat banking solutions, allowing for the seamless initiation of transfers.

      Eliminate Fat-Finger Risk

      Eliminate fat-finger errors, sharing of public addresses, and the need for test transactions.

      Reduce Risk with Smart Settlements

      Mitigate counterparty settlement risk by leveraging a set of secure smart contracts to ensure funds are never distributed until all settlement obligations have been fulfilled.

      Audit Trail

      Comprehensive audit trails provide a central source of truth for settlement activity and capture blockchain explorer links and fiat reference numbers.