Membrane Labs on yWhales Podcast: Unraveling Complexities of Digital Asset Management

June 20, 2023
Screengrab from Carson Cook yWhales interview

Take an intellectual dive into the digital asset management landscape with Membrane Labs, featured in a thought-provoking episode on the yWhales podcast. Membrane’s founder and CEO, Carson Cook, discusses our pioneering approach to digital asset settlement and operations management, creating new value for enterprises.

Crypto Trading Redefined,  Membrane Labs & Bridging TradFi and Web3 with Carson Cook


The insightful exchange between Siva Avvaru, Managing Director at yWhales Solutions, and Carson Cook provides a deep discourse on the confluence of TradFi and digital asset industry advancements. This dialogue is a cornerstone for professionals keen to understand the sophisticated dynamics of today’s financial innovations in crypto.

In This Episode:

  • Origins and Vision of Membrane: Discover what led to the formation of Membrane and how it reflects our commitment to being a unifying player in an increasingly complex financial system.
  • Bridging TradFi and Crypto: Learn about our strategic initiatives to support traditional financial institutions in their crypto explorations through education and by providing technological solutions that solve institutions’ pain points.
  • Integrating Web3 Capabilities: Explore how we seamlessly integrate Web3 technologies into traditional systems, enhancing capabilities and fostering a forward-thinking financial environment.
  • Advancements in Crypto Operations: Gain insights into how our platform is refining processes such as lending and trading, making them more accessible and efficient for all market players.

About Carson Cook:

Carson Cook, CEO and the mind behind Membrane Labs is a distinguished figure in digital finance. His extensive background, from his academic journey in Physics and Electrical Engineering to his strategic roles in fintech, underpins the innovative spirit of Membrane Labs.

Connect With Us:

We invite our community of thinkers, learners, and innovators to engage with this episode. It is more than just a discussion; it is a step forward in understanding and navigating the complexities of digital finance management and settlement.


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