Membrane CEO Carson Cook interview by yWhales

July 28, 2023
Screengrab from Carson Cook yWhales interview
Membrane Team

Crypto Trading Redefined: Membrane Labs & Bridging TradFi and Web3 | Carson Cook

In this episode, Siva Avvaru, yWhales Solutions Managing Director, speaks with Carson Cook, Founder and CEO of Membrane Labs. Membrane Labs has developed a digital asset settlement and operations management platform that enables institutions to manage all of their crypto asset movements on-chain. The platform is currently focused on OTC, spot desks, exchanges, and other enterprises.

Carson shares his journey from Wisconsin and a PhD in physics and electrical engineering to creating a startup focused on digital asset custodians and settlements. Join Siva and Carson for a conversation about Membrane and how it provides a post-trade solution for those in the digital asset market, including traditional finance players as well as those who are more crypto native.

You’ll learn about: The inefficiencies and services gap in crypto trading How Membrane is simplifying processes for crypto natives How lending works with Membrane

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