Crypto Derivatives Solutions

Equipping institutions with the tools to manage complex financial instruments.


Centrally manage the full lifecycle of crypto options and forwards from initiation to settlement.



Maximum flexibility to service each OTC market’s unique trading relationships and structures.



Our Collateral Management engine brings enterprise-grade risk management to the crypto markets.



Leverage a full integration with Membrane's patented Settlement Engine.



Maintain your funds wherever and however using Membrane to access our multi-custodial settlement network.

Centrally Manage the Full Lifecycle of Crypto Options and Forwards From Initiation to Settlement

  • Full integration: Fully integrate portfolio margining, net settlements, and trade reconciliation.
  • Manage risk: Comprehensively manage crypto counterparty risk and unique ISDA/CSA terms.
  • Stay informed: Automate email and PDF reporting spanning trade confirms, margin calls/refund alerts, and daily MTM margin statements.
  • API-first: Experience seamless integration of current workflows and existing tech applications with our robust API.

Designed With Maximum Flexibility to Service Bespoke Trading Relationships and Trade Structures That Define OTC Markets

  • Simplify trading: Link any number of position legs to a single trade structure to manage complex strategies easily.
  • Flexible positioning: Create flexibility in marking positions via pre-designated valuation agents or integrated third-party sources.
  • Tailored margins: Configure trade margins precisely, including setting initial amount requirements, turning variation margin on or off and establishing variation margin thresholds.

Membrane's Collateral Management Engine Brings Enterprise-Grade Risk Management to Digital Assets

  • Link positions: Advanced portfolio margining features allow linking numerous bilateral derivative and loan positions with a corresponding multi-asset collateral basket.
  • Flexible tracking: Monitor collateral from live feeds of both wallets and tri-party account balances or track asset transfers manually.
  • Customized terms: Specify all the terms unique to each ISDA/CSA, including eligible collateral schedules, asset-level haircuts, minimum transfer amounts, and margin call/refund windows.
  • Margin versatility: Choose from a variety of industry-accepted, in-margin methodologies.

Membrane's Settlement Engine Nets and Settles Cross-Chain and Manages Crypto/Fiat Asset Transfers Instantly


Full Payment Processing

Vertically integrate the front, middle, and back office functions across spot, derivatives, and lending operations to eliminate the need for manual tracking and reconciliation of trade obligations.

Maximum Capital Efficiency

Associate and net any number of payment obligations in each settlement for maximum capital efficiency and minimal blockchain transfers.

Seamless Transfers

Integrate your wallet, custodian/MPC, exchange, and fiat banking solutions, allowing for the seamless initiation of send transfers and sharing of receiving instructions.

Reduce Risk with Smart Settlements

Mitigate counterparty settlement risk with Membrane’s innovative “Smart Settlements” solution, leveraging a set of secure smart contracts to ensure funds are not distributed until all settlement obligations have been fulfilled.