Collateral Management

Streamlining crypto collateral management for enhanced efficiency and risk control for institutions.


Bring enterprise-grade risk management to digital asset management using our innovative collateral management engine.



Create highly flexible, unlimited, and customizable bilateral collateral arrangements with counterparties.



Easily manage collateral balances via tri-party arrangements or simple payment accounting.



Master loan management with real-time automated margin call and refund obligation alerts.



Leverage our settlement engine for seamless integration into your existing system



Leverage a full integration with Membrane's patented Settlements engine.


Membrane's Collateral Management Engine Allows Organizations to Manage Risk Across Any Transaction Type


    Optimize Portfolio Margining

    Get comprehensive portfolio margining with the ability to link any bilateral derivative or lending positions to a basket of multi-asset collateral in crypto and fiat assets, ensuring comprehensive and flexible financial management.

    Live and Tri-Party Account Efficiency

    Enhance operational efficiency by supporting live and tri-party account structures and simple collateral monitoring through the tracking and logging of payments.

    Monitor Counterparty Performance

    Monitor the timer for each margin call/refund obligation relative to its cure period for a clear picture of a counterparty’s credit performance.

    Automated Notifications and Reporting

    Streamline communications with automated, configurable reports and email notifications for margin calls, collateral refunds, liquidations, and daily MTM statements.

    Customize Unlimited Bilateral Collateral Arrangements With Counterparties

      • Efficiently set key parameters: Define governing terms, establish rehypothecation eligibility, specify modification rights, set minimum transfer amounts, and manage margin call/refund windows.
      • Tailor your collateral strategy: Designate a custom schedule of eligible collateral assets for each arrangement with the ability to customize each asset’s pricing oracle and each initial/maintenance/refund haircut.
      • Enhance risk management with automated liquidation workflows: Enable liquidation thresholds, asset-level liquidation haircuts, eligible liquidation alerts, and logging executed liquidations.

      Optimize Loan Collateral Balances With Tri-Party Arrangements or Simple Payment Accounting, Enabling Diverse Trading Arrangements, and Market Innovation

      • Frictionless live streaming of collateral balances: We support tri-party arrangements, sub-account structures, and custodial walled gardens by streaming live collateral balances from integrated custodial accounts.
      • Easily track or log collateral payments: Track/log collateral payments to drive balances instead of live account feeds for more straightforward trading relationships or rehypothecation-eligible arrangements.
      • A win-win approach: Lender security with borrower efficiency: Lenders can utilize “live accounts” functionality to lend into any collateral account with recourse, thus remaining “over-secured” while allowing the borrower to benefit from the capital efficiency of “under-secured” lending.

      Maximize Efficiency With Real-Time Alerts for Margin Calls and Refunds

      • Precision-tune communication: Automate and configure notifications sent to you and your counterparties.
      • Reliable alert system for precise record-keeping: Send initial/maintenance margin call, refund, and liquidation alerts as soon as triggered, ensuring no margin call goes unissued for a clear paper trail.
      • Streamline daily reporting: Provide daily email reports for derivatives MTM/VM statements and position/collateral balance statements, including PDF and CSV attachments.

      Leverage Membrane’s Patented Settlement Engine and Easily Initiate and Net Collateral-Related Payments Across Obligations


        Full Payment Processing

        Benefit from full straight-through payment processing spanning spot,  derivatives, and lending transactions.

        Maximize Capital Efficiency

        Associate and net any payment obligations in each counterparty settlement to benefit from maximum capital efficiency and minimal blockchain transfers.

        Seamless Transfers

        Seamlessly integrate wallets, custodians/MNPC, exchanges, and fiat banking solutions to efficiently initiate send transfers and share receiving instructions.

        Eliminate Operational Risks

        Eliminate fat-finger errors and the need for test transactions while automating sharing public addresses.

        Reduce Risk with Smart Settlements

        Reduce settlement risk with secure smart contracts, ensuring complete obligation fulfillment before fund distribution.

        Complete Transparency

        Our comprehensive audit trail is a reliable central source of truth for settlement activities, capturing blockchain explorer links and fiat reference numbers for complete transparency.